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Mold engineering

Every new mold project is closely looked into by a team of Boucherie engineers. The different solutions are studied, and in a dialog with the customer, the best one is selected. In many cases, our specialists can assist in the further development of a final product design through analysis of customer supplied models, drawings or CAD files.

For complex or multi-component products, a prototyping program is often desirable, and one or more prototyping molds can be built. After the prototyping phase, our engineering team takes care of the design of the production molds.

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Mold manufacturing

All elements defined and derived during the earlier phases of product development are brought together to create the desired mold. For manufacturing we have a choice of machining technologies available, including high speed machining centers for smaller complex parts and large machines that will handle big mold frames. The combination of high-precision electrodes and the newest generation of die-sink EDM machines gives high-precision cavities that need a minimum of manual polishing. Wherever possible, fully automated production is ensured by robotized handling of parts as well as loading and unloading of machine tools.

All critical operations can be carried out in a climate-controlled environment and throughout manufacturing, stringent quality control is kept on all components.

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Mold assembly

Cavities and cores are carefully assembled into the frame. Mold actions, such as slides, lifters, interlocks, mating surfaces and indexing mechanisms are meticulously checked before the mold is put into the press for a test run.

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Mold testing

Boucherie's mold testing area is equipped with several single component, bi-component and tri-component injection molding machines. Their sizes range from 250kN to 5000kN and injection units are available in L, vertical and piggy-back configurations. Each machine is housed in a separate room, each of which is closed from outside view to ensure product confidentially.

Customers are encouraged to be present during final tests to approve product quality. For turn-key projects, a separate area is available where new molds can be tested and accepted on injection molding machines, sent to Boucherie by the customer.

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Does your project require a high-quality mold?

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