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High output, maximum layout flexibility

The core of this ingenious mold is a stack design with a central stationary cube around which various stations are provided. The molded parts are held on carriers while traveling on a track around the central cube. These carriers are moved by means of servomotors allowing them to travel over different distances.

As such, the number of stations, their individual positions and their function can be selected as needed. This results in maximum mold layout flexibility.

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Various applications

Versions for four or more components can be built with or without intermediate cooling stations between injection stations where desired or further with one or more ejection stations or positions where premade structures can be inserted.

More simple applications include two component molding, with maximum cavitation in stack configuration, or combined with any of the extra functions described above. Because the central cube is stationary, the interface with the injection molding machine can be kept simple. It is comparable to a regular stack mold, in this respect.

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A fully integrated package

The stationary central part also allows easy and ample supply of cooling water, compressed air, electrics and so on without need for delicate rotating couplings. All necessary motion controls for the servo-motors are realized by our in-house specialists and come in a separate control box with the mold, as one, fully integrated package.

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